Two Rivers Wines

Minnesota is one of the coldest places in North America for growing wine grapes, but we don’t let that stop us. We take our time to produce high quality, enjoyable wines, using wine grapes specially bred for the Minnesota climate. For information on our tasting prices and options click here: tasting-sheet.

  • Frontenac Gris – This is a white grape, bred by the University of MN at the Horticultural Research Center, finished with a touch of sweetness.  Great with pork or dishes with cream sauces.
  • Frontenac Blanc – MN grown, fruity, with citrus and spice. Great with chicken or fish.
  • Apple – A special blend of apple juices, assembled for wine by Pepin Heights Orchards in Lake City.
  • Second Run – Only made from the skins of red grapes with more to give than just one wine.
  • Syrah – From some of California’s finest Syrah grapes, a dry wine for steaks on the grill or a hearty roast beef dinner.
  • La Crescent – another University of MN white grape, slightly sweet and fruity, great with pasta and alfredo sauce.
  • King of the North – MN grape, a great table wine. Pairs well with food and friends!
  • Sparkling La Crescent – MN grape crisp, citrusy, bubbly!
  • Marquette – MN grape, dry, with hints of oak. Great with steaks or burgers on the grill.
  • Marquette Sunset Rose’ – Luscious fruit, great nose. Serve chilled.
  • Slip Skin – A second run of MN Bluebell and Valiant. Surprisingly delicious!
  • Tiny Bubbles – Sparkling, grape, semi-dry. Great for wedding toasts and celebrations!
  • High Pines – Super Sweet dessert wine, with hints of honey.
  • Granny’s Favorite – a red wine, half Foch and half Frontenac, with twice the alcohol.  This 24% alcohol wine is slightly sweet, but definitely is not a port.  Great after dinner.
  • Raspberry – Full of fruit, an excellent sipper with a piece of chocolate.
  • Rhubarb – Crisp, refreshing – tastes like Rhubarb pie without the crust!


Two Rivers Vineyard & Winery in Ramsey took home “Best of Show White” honors and a Gold at the 2016 International Cold Climate Wine Competition (ICCWC) for our Frontenac Gris. We also earned a Gold for our Raspberry wine, a Silver for our High Pines, and Bronze awards for our North Shore Red, Granny’s Favorite, Rhubarb and Marquette.

This year’s competition included 354 wines from 64 commercial wineries in 13 states and Canada. Awards were based on blind tastings by 20 expert judges, who include enologists, wine writers, restaurateurs, retailers, and wine educators. Three-judge panels determined the initial medals, with the top-scoring Best of Show wines evaluated by five-judge panels and all 20 judges determined the Minnesota Governor’s Cup award.