TRVW Wines

Tasty tastings…3 for $6.99, 5 for $9.99 and you get to keep our TRVW logo glass; find your favorite and purchase a glass or two for $4.99 ea.!
(Want to skip the frills?  We serve glasses at $6.99/refills $4.99 and we keep the glass for next time.)

~The Reds

California grapes; mellow with a hint of oak

Cabernet Franc/39.99
California grapes; a big, bold red!

Pinot Noir/34.99
California grapes; smooth with a light touch of oak

California blend; notes of tannin with a hint of sunshine!

If we have a house wine, this is it!  Minnesota grape; dry, with a hint of oak and smoke

Granny’s Favorite/38.99
Minnesota grown Frontenac; full-bodied, port-like wine (*23% alcohol)

~The Whites

Frontenac Blanc/14.99
Minnesota grape; semi-sweet and fruity, yum!

Minnesota grape; crisp with hints of citrus and floral

Tiny Bubbles/24.99
If only Don Ho could taste ours!  Sparkling and semi-dry.

~Minnesota Fruit

Suite 200 Apple/12.99
Minnesota apples; crisp, sweet, and smooth!

Minnesota grown; a sweet red that is best served room temp with a piece of chocolate!

Minnesota grown; like rhubarb pie without the crust!


~10% off purchase of 12 bottles or more.  Ask about our Wine Club.

*All wines 12.5% alcohol unless otherwise noted.